Tri-Valley Water 101

Learn About Tri-Valley Water Sources!

Representatives from the Tri-Valley water agencies (California Water Service Company, Zone 7 Water Agency, Dublin San Ramon Services District, Livermore Municipal Water, and City of Pleasanton) are available to provide an overview of how water gets to your tap, as well as other water resource related information .  To request a presentation complete the area below with your email and select Tri-Valley Water 101.  Listed below are some of the areas that will be covered in the presentation:

  • Where our water comes from
  • Overview of the various aqueducts, aquifers, watersheds and rivers that provide water
  • Who treats the water in different areas of Tri-Valley
  • Who distributes water to Dublin/San Ramon, Pleasanton and Livermore
  • The value of water
  • How water rates are figured
  • Where the funds are distributed
  • Challenges we face that puts our water supply at risk
  • Changing water regulations

If you are interested in having a presentation, provide your name and email address below.   If you are interested in any other water resources topics, let us know!